El día de hoy se realizó una preventa de boletos de los Medias Blancas de Chicago y dentro de las imagenes seleccionadas, aparece en la parte central de la imagen, al Gran Luis Aparicio, con foto de la época y su número 11, consideramos oportuno publicar esta información aún estando en ingles, pues cuando un hombre honorable, dedica su vida a trabajar y usa su mejor talento, pues los resultados quedaran sembrados por siempre, y como mostramos a continuación, el respeto, cariño y admiración, no requieren “decretos”.

Black List Presale Notification
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Luis Aparicio Tickets

Black List Single-Game Tickets Presale Tomorrow
Thank you for being a member of the Black List. To show our appreciation to you, we are pleased to offer an online presale opportunity to purchase tickets for the 2014 season prior to the general public on-sale.

Between the hours of 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. CT tomorrow – Thursday, February 27 – you will have an exclusive online opportunity to purchase individual-game tickets for the 2014 White Sox season. To take advantage of this online offer, you’ll need to order online by using your exclusive presale passcode.


Presale Details

Please note that during the transaction process, when you are prompted to enter your e-mail and password, you will need to use the e-mail address and password that you have used for previous presales or for single-ticket purchases for concerts, theater or other sporting events. If you do not already have a Ticketmaster login, you will be able to create one. Also note that the login information you are asked to enter may not be the same as your My White Sox Account login information, unless you have set it up that way.

A very limited number of tickets may be available for Opening Day – Monday, March 31 vs. the Twins – as well as the Crosstown Cup against the Cubs on May 7-8. Therefore, there will be a 10-ticket limit per purchase for those games. All other dates will have a 19-ticket limit. To purchase more than 19 tickets, please visit or contact the White Sox Sales Department at 312-674-1000.

If any purchase exceeds the set limit for each date, the seats will be removed from the transaction and the proper refund will be given.

Thank you for your support of the White Sox. We look forward to seeing you at U.S. Cellular Field all season long in 2014!

2014 White Sox Tickets
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“Colocando el país que somos, en lugar que todos queremos”.

Periodista/redactor: Francisco Albornoz, Iconos de Venezuela


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